Try It Free is more than a great app for consumers and businesses. Yes, it allows the consumer to try out businesses for free or at least partially free. Yes, it gives businesses exposure to thousands of consumers in their area. No doubt the app alone serves a great purpose. Yet, there is bigger mission behind this app.

Pamela Barnett grew up homeless. Her entire adult life she has looked for ways to give a hand up to those in need. “What I’ve discovered is hand outs do not work. I want a solution for people who need a solution. I want programs that employ, counsel, train, mentor, rehabilitate and walk through the process of this life change. ”There are programs out there that do just that, but they are limited by the amount of money that is donated. Pamela has pledged that she will give 95% of her profits from this app to partner with organization that help the homeless.

When you downloaded this app you helped this mission. When you redeem offers you are helping the homeless. When you share this app with others you are helping the homeless. Please continue sharing and using this app and keep, Try It Free moving closer and closer to the goal of ending homelessness.

If you would like to be a bigger part of this mission write to Pamela Barnett at info@tryitfreeapp.com “I would love to have you join me in this movement.” Pamela Barnett