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Find offers for free food, activities, and services in your area.  Use the Try it Free app to find the businesses and services that want to give you free products!  You get a no-charge sample, and business gets a new happy customer.  Everyone wins!

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How it works

The TRY IT FREE app targets your desired market area. Once we’ve reached the optimum number of consumer downloads for that area, the app goes LIVE!! Thousands of consumers, including visitors passing through town, will search their TRY IT FREE app to find free offerings, driving NEW CUSTOMERS to the front doors of your business!

Everyone loves something for free. Consumers download the “TRY IT FREE” app, and enter a profile. The consumer chooses the category of interest, FOOD, SERVICES, LESSONS, ENTERTAINMENT.

Once the consumer selects a category, businesses will pop up, showing their FREE offering! The TRY IT FREE app will be the go-to-tool for where to eat, finding a piano instructor, tumbling gym, or fun-filled entertainment. The TRY IT FREE app is the newest and best way to market your business and gain new customers!

“TRY IT FREE” is affordable for all budgets.  Check out our pricing plans to find the right fit for your business.


$49.99 / Year

$49.99--Our Bronze plan allows you to promote your free offering to consumers in your targeted market, reaching area residents and visitors traveling through town.  Say goodbye to the days of flyers and paying for ads to drive consumers to your doors. Now customers will find you through the “TRY IT FREE” app!


$149.99 / Year

$149.99--Our Silver plan allows you to send 12 targeted notifications to customers who participated in your "TRY IT FREE OFFER". Take the opportunity to advertise a new product, offer a special, or promote an event. No need for mail-outs, flyers, or costly ads. Get the word out to interested consumers with one click of a button!


$249.99 / Year

$249.99--Our Gold plan includes the benefits of Silver and Bronze, but now, handle your marketing like a professional with our analytics, as part of your back office.
Track which offerings generated the most traffic into your business, and which offers translated into more sales. Track percentages of local customers versus traveling customers who redeemed your offering.
Understand your client base, and be more effective with your marketing. Use your back office to see specifically how many “TRY IT FREE” app users are looking for your type of business. Tracking this valuable data allows you to make every offering count!


Marketing companies are successful because they understand the power of analytics.

Analytics are key to understanding the market, consumer and current trends. To grow and keep that growth, you must keep track of all your marketing offerings and how those offerings are converted into loyal customers or sales.

Find the formula that works for your business and continually improve upon it. Let us put those powerful analytics in the palm of your hand, through our easy to use back office.

Marketing has never been so easy.


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